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Just as there are no two identical candle flames so there are not two identical fates...

Each flame burns differently, each life has its own legend!

About me

The beauty and peace of nature is my grand fascination.
Over many years I have expressed this fascination in creating arrangements, decorations, big and small floral projects, in all of which Nature takes centre stage.
In my hands flowers, buds, nuts, fruits, leaves all take on a new face, in order to build an expressive work of art.


Grazyna Grace Cunningham

 If you are a professional looking for exceptional candles

for special events or/and interior design

arrangements contact us.




 Candles are indispensable part of a space and interior design style. 

They are also invaluable creators of unique atmosphere of many special occasions.





We understand how important is to find a high quality products adjusted to special needs of clients.

Therefore, our candles are designed to fulfill the most sophisticated tastes and 

the most demanding expectations.

We are open to create candles of special dimensions, shapes, colours and scents according to your needs.

We are open for cooperation with: 

 interior designers, 

wedding planners,

  shops and retailers.

Please contact us to talk about the details. 

My other projects


Awkward but social