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Australian Native Candle No 1113ec


 This large hand crafted candle which weighs 1 kg with a burn time of 50 Hours is a great gift idea for her.

This lightly scented soy and palm wax candle has been individually hand decorated with dried flowers making it a truly unique gift.

It is a lightly scented dual outer ring candle. [See details below].

Buy With Confidence. We will refund in full if you are not completely happy.

Free Delivery on all orders over $100.00   [To the same address.]

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 Our Candle Lanterns make great birthday present ideas. Romantic candle light flickering through dried flowers is the ultimate in unique gifts. The search to find birthday gifts for her that she will treasure can be difficult but our hand crafted lightly scented candles are truly quintessential gifts for women. Both our Lantern Candle Holders and our Hand made candles are superb birthday gift ideas.

    We will refund if you are not thrilled.

Three images of the actual lightly scented candle for sale plus two examples.

Please note the difference between our Outer Ring Candles and our Lanterns.

Our unique outer ring candles usually burn away leaving the outer shell largely intact and reusable by inserting a tea light candle [sold separately]. We cannot guarantee this will happen but the following steps assist in the outcome.

The exterior ring of the candle to which the flowers are attached is crafted separately. As the inner section burns the flame flickers through the semi translucent outer shell. If the wicks central position is maintained after each use, and the candle is used in draft free conditions it often burns away leaving the outer shell intact. To further assist with this process the inner section is poured to a slightly lower level.


Our Lanterns are the same decorated outer rings without the inside candle section; instead tea light candles can be inserted and the lantern, or lampshade if you like, can be reused over and over, and over again.

This hand crafted item is truly unique and quite large; 12 cm tall x 13 cm across.

It is artistically and creatively hand decorated with dried flowers and leafs ; each a unique identity.

It  weighs 1 kg and will burn for 50 hours.

The outer ring is scented which allows the inner soy section to burn healthier and cleaner.

 Allow yourself a touch of luxury and immerse in lavender bliss. Relax your senses, mind and body while watching the meditative flame flicker through the embedded flowers. 


Please note all candles have been designed and hand crafted by Grazyna herself and have been individually numbered to assure their uniqueness.


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